The Kiwi Pair

One of the highlights of my year was meeting Olympic gold medalists and world champion kiwi rowers Hamish Bond and Eric Murray at their home training base in New Zealand before they headed off to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. I tagged along with coach Noel Donaldson in the coach’s boat for their training sessions to capture images for “The Kiwi Pair” book published by Penguin late this year.

Now, a sports biography wouldn’t usually be the first book I’d pick up at a bookshop. But The Kiwi Pair is more than just a book about rowing. The book spoke of grit and determination and having the strength to keep turning up, trying new things and working damn hard until you realise the potential you know you’re capable of. Super inspiring story.


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  1. katedermer

    Lottie you take amazing photos!  Great to see you today. Thank you for driving down. I’d love love love you to reside in Raglan. I think you’d grow to love this little piece of paradise. 

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