Little & Friday – Everymeal

Congratulations to Kim Evans and Sophie Beck for crafting a cookbook full of items you’ll want to cook for your family and also things you’ll secretly hope your family hates (so you can eat it all yourself, guilt-free).

This time last year I was lucky enough to spend days on end surrounded by silver benches covered in flower, tart shells, small cakes and loaf tins to photograph the fabulous team of cooks, baristas and bakers who arrive in the wee hours of the morning to bring Little & Friday to life.

Having the chance to tell stories about people and places is something I love. Little & Friday was full of stories – Fred the beekeeper who supplies the cafe’s honey, the commitment of the cafe to make everything from scratch (including Holly Houston’s beautifully handcrafted plates), staff lunch, foraging in the cafe garden and the general madness of four busy Auckland cafes!